Safety Mesh

Descriptions :

Standard roof safety mesh.



Width- 1800mm
Diameter- 2mm
Size- 300 x 150 mm
90m2 per roll
24kg per 50m roll

Additional Information

Roof safety mesh is a crucial safety solution designed to provide fall protection and prevent accidental falls during construction and maintenance activities on roofs and elevated work surfaces. It serves as a robust, reliable barrier to enhance worker safety and comply with industry safety standards.


  1. Manufactured from a high-strength, durable mesh material that is resistant to weathering and wear
  2. Available in various mesh sizes and strengths to suit different load-bearing requirements
  3. Easy to install using a range of fastening systems, ensuring secure Safety mesh installation
  4. Provides an effective physical barrier to prevent falls from roofs, platforms, and other elevated areas
  5. Meets or exceeds safety standards for Construction safety and fall protection
  6. Lightweight and versatile, allowing for use in a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications

How it Works:

The roof safety mesh is typically installed over the roof framework or other elevated surfaces before the final roofing or surface materials are applied. The mesh is secured in place using a range of fasteners, creating a reliable and continuous barrier to prevent accidental falls and enhance Fall protection for workers on the site.


  1. Significantly improves worker safety by providing a physical barrier to prevent falls from heights
  2. Helps to comply with industry safety regulations and standards, reducing the risk of costly incidents and legal liabilities
  3. Versatile and adaptable, allowing for use in a wide range of construction and maintenance projects
  4. Durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance to ensure continued effectiveness
  5. Cost-effective compared to other fall protection systems, offering a favourable return on investment
  6. Contributes to a safer work environment, promoting worker well-being and productivity
  7. Enhances the overall Construction safety culture on job sites, demonstrating a commitment to worker protection