Paterson Perforated Leafguard is custom-folded to suit your application. Available in virtually any profile, we can custom fold leafguards for box gutters, eaves gutters, tile roofs, and any metal roof.

Additional Information

Leafguard gutters are an innovative solution designed to prevent the buildup of leaves, twigs, and other debris in a building’s rainwater drainage system. By effectively blocking the entry of organic matter, these gutter guards help to ensure the efficient and uninterrupted flow of rainwater, protecting the integrity of the entire gutter and downpipe network.


  1. Available in a range of materials, including mesh, perforated, and solid designs, to suit different gutter types and requirements
  2. Provides a physical barrier to prevent the accumulation of leaves, twigs, and other debris in the rainwater gutters
  3. Allows rainwater to flow freely while trapping larger organic matter before it can enter the gutter system
  4. Easy to install, with a variety of downpipe leaf guard and drain leaf guard options available
  5. Durable and weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance
  6. Requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning
  7. Offers a clean, unobtrusive appearance that complements the building’s design

How it Works:

The leafguard gutters are designed to be installed directly over the existing gutter system, either clipping onto the edge or fitting into the gutter’s profile. The specialized design of the guard allows water to flow through while effectively trapping leaves, twigs, and other debris before they can enter the gutter. This ensures efficient rainwater drainage and protects the gutter from clogging and damage, preventing potential water overflow and related issues.


  1. Enhances the overall functionality and longevity of the gutter system, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements
  2. Reduces the frequency of gutter cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort for the building owner or property manager
  3. Helps to prevent water overflow and potential damage to the building’s foundation, landscaping, and surrounding areas
  4. Contributes to improved building appearance by maintaining a clean, well-functioning gutter system
  5. Cost-effective solution compared to the potential costs of gutter repair or replacement due to clogging
  6. Promotes a more sustainable approach to building maintenance by minimising the need for frequent gutter cleaning
  7. Provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing rainwater runoff and protecting the building’s exterior