Descriptions :

Panline™ cladding provides a contemporary & fresh style for both residential and commercial applications- creating a seamless look.
Can be customised to suit your project- tapered, varying panel widths.



Ultra-Thin Rib Design (>3mm)
Wide flat pans (150-300mm)
Available in Copper, VM Zinc, Colorbond®, Colorbond® Metallic, Zincalume and Galvanised.
Can be adjusted to suit requirements.
Concealed fix for ultimate waterproofing.

Additional Information

Panline is a comprehensive range of high-performance metal cladding products designed for use in both wall and roof applications. Panline cladding offers exceptional durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential projects.


  1. Available in a range of profiles, including Panline wall cladding and Panline roof cladding options
  2. Manufactured from durable, pre-painted, or galvanized steel for long-lasting performance
  3. Offers a diverse selection of colours and finishes to suit different design requirements
  4. Effectively insulates against heat and sound, which helps with energy efficiency
  5. Highly resistant to weather, fire, and impact, ensuring reliable protection for the building envelope
  6. Easy to install, with a range of accessories and Panline cladding installation systems available

How it Works:

The Panline cladding products are designed to be installed over a suitable structural framework, such as steel or timber. The individual panels interlock and overlap to create a seamless, weather-resistant envelope for the building. The panels can be fixed using concealed or exposed fasteners, depending on the desired aesthetic and performance requirements.


  1. Enhances the overall appearance and visual appeal of a building’s exterior with Panline metal cladding
  2. Offers superior protection against weather, fire, and impact, ensuring long-lasting durability
  3. Contributes to increased energy efficiency by offering sound and thermal insulation.
  4. Requires less upkeep, which lowers the frequency of repairs or replacements
  5. Versatile and adaptable, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities with Panline cladding
  6. Cost-effective compared to many traditional cladding materials
  7. Contributes to sustainable building practices, with recyclable components and a long lifespan