Descriptions :

Our long-length fibreglass sheeting is available in a wide range of profiles and is ideal for industrial and commercial buildings.


Available to suit Corodek, Trimclad, Metlok 700, Metrospan & Longline

Additional Information

Fibreglass roofing sheets and panels offer a durable and versatile solution for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial roofing applications. Crafted from high-quality fibreglass-reinforced polymer, these roofing materials provide long-lasting performance, exceptional weather resistance, and an attractive appearance.


  1. Manufactured using advanced fibreglass and resin technologies for superior strength and durability
  2. Available in a range of profile options, including corrugated and flat fibreglass roof panels
  3. Provides excellent UV and weather resistance, ensuring long-term protection for the building
  4. Offers thermal insulation properties to help improve energy efficiency
  5. Lightweight and easy to install, with a range of accessories available for Bunnings fibreglass sheet installation
  6. Requires less upkeep, which lowers the frequency of repairs or replacements
  7. Offers a wide selection of colours and finishes to complement different architectural styles

How it Works:

The fibreglass roofing sheets and panels are designed to be installed over a suitable structural framework, such as timber or steel trusses. The individual panels are secured in place using a range of fastening methods, creating a seamless and weather-resistant roofing system. The lightweight nature of the materials and the easy installation process make them a popular choice for both professional and DIY projects.


  1. Enhances the overall appearance and curb appeal of a building with an attractive, modern aesthetic
  2. Provides superior protection against weather, UV radiation, and other environmental factors
  3. Helps to improve energy efficiency by offering effective thermal insulation properties
  4. Durable and long-lasting, with minimal maintenance requirements
  5. Versatile and adaptable, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities with fibreglass roof panels