Quad 115 Hi-Front Gutter

Descriptions :

Quad 115 Hi-front gutter is the most popular gutter profile for domestic applications.

Smooth, sleek and easy to install with various fixing options; both concealed and external.

The term Hi-front refers to the face dimension of 89mm. It originates from the time when manufacturers changed the face dimension from 70mm to 89mm. The old version of Quad is referred to as “Lo-front” or “Old Style”.


3mm lip x 64mm back x 115mm base x 89mm face

Comes standard with overflow slots unless non-slotted requested.

Lengths custom cut to order.

Lead time is 2 days (order cut-off 12pm)

Available in: Colorbond® or Zincalume.

Accessories used with Quad 115 Hi-front:

Stop Ends (end caps) come in pairs (1x LH, 1x RH)

External Angles (corner piece – 90 degrees)

External Brackets (5pk)

Concealed Suspension Brackets (10pk)

Overstraps (10pk)