Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard

Leaf Stopper Gutter Guard
Made from long lasting high quality aluminium mesh, Leaf Stopper gutter guard has a unique design that allows leaves to blow off the roof, rather than being trapped in gutters and valleys.


Kits Available:
Roof Type Corodek Corodek Trimclad Timclad Tile Roof Tile Roof
Mesh Width 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 500mm 750mm
Application Gutter Valley Gutter Valley Gutter Valley
Kit Length 10m or 30m 10m or 30m 10m or 30m 10m or 30m 10m or 30m 10m or 30m

Additional Information

Profile Dimensions No
Lengths No
Colours & Finishes Mill finish or Powdercoated to match Colorbond. (refer to borchure below for availablility)
Accessories No