Welcome to Paterson Roofing Products, the premier supplier of roof flashings in Canberra. We’re a local company that’s dedicated to providing tradesmen with top quality products at affordable prices. And, as roof flashings are an essential item for all roofers, we offer all kinds of custom made flashings that will make your job easier and your clients happier. 
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Roof Flashings Canberra

Roof flashing helps to direct the flow of water around openings. Water, when it’s not properly managed, can seep into walls and cause major structural damage and mould problems. 

Therefore, it’s important that, firstly, the flashing you use is made to top quality standards and secondly, that it’s installed correctly. As Canberra’s most trusted roof flashing supplier, we’ve got your flashing supply covered.

Top Quality Roof Flashing at Affordable Prices

In addition to offering custom made flashing, we also have barge roll and roll top ridge for a safe installation and attractive looking finish.  

What kind of flashings you need will depend on what kind of roof you’re installing and what kind of finish your client would like. 

Roof Flashing Materials

Flashing can be made from a variety of different materials including Colorbond, Zincalume galvanised steel, copper or stainless steel. Which material you choose will depend on a number of different factors and our team would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect option if you require assistance.

As Canberra’s most trusted roofing products supplier, we produce custom made flashings in a huge range of sizes, materials, lengths and profiles so whatever your preference, you can fully customise your roof flashings so that you can achieve the perfect finish on each and every roofing project that you undertake. 

We use state of the art equipment to ensure top standards and our CNC folding machinery allows us to manufacture flashings in record time. In fact, we can have your custom flashings produced and ready to be shipped within just 24 hours of you making your order. 

Have a question? Get in Touch with the Roof Flashing Experts Today

For more information on our roof flashings or to get customising flashings for a project that you’re working on, feel free to get in touch with us today. 

You can call us on (02) 6128 0750 or fill out your details here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 
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  1. Custom Made Flashings

    We can produce custom made flashings in a wide range of materials, sizes, lengths, and profiles. With our CNC folding machinery and large stock levels we can produce your flashings within 24 hours of ordering. Learn More
  2. Roll Top Ridge

    Roll top ridge, designed for use with Corodek profile roofing, provides a neat and attractive finish to ridges and hips. Learn More
  3. Barge Roll

    Barge roll provides a traditional style edge finish to Corodek roofing. Learn More

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3 Item(s)